Director: Eli Roth

No doubt taking advantage of the success of the Saw series, Hostel clawed its way into theaters in 2005 and almost single handedly revolutionized the “torture porn” sub-genre. The gore and violence in this movie is so over-the-top and gruesome that it’s physically tough to get through many of the scenes, and that is exactly what director Eli Roth seemed to be aiming for.

The story itself deals with a group of young who get captured and tortured by a mysterious, and psychotic, businessman in an Eastern European hostel. That’s just about all you need to know about the film’s plot because Hostel exists solely to gross you out—not to tell you a story. For hardcore horror junkies, this movie has just about everything you could ever want: gallons of blood, severed extremities, and a particularly disturbing scene where an eyeball is pulled out of someone’s head.

If just reading any of that makes you queasy, we suggest sitting this one out.