Director: Harmony Korine

Gummo might seem like a strange choice for this list because of its lack of pervasive violence and gore, but this little indie film got under our skin by treating us to a glimpse at the lives of the people in a small Midwestern town in a way that was both bizarre and supremely uncomfortable to watch. One of the running threads throughout the film is the way the children—most notably “Bunny Boy” —would hunt and kill random cats from the neighborhood just to pass the time.

The nihilistic way these characters go about their lives is what will stick with you well after the movie is over. In no other scene is this more evident than when a man is shown trying to pimp out his mentally retarded sister for some extra cash. This isn’t filled with the type of violence like other examples on this list, but we can’t think of any other way to describe Gummo than disturbing.