Director: Srđan Spasojević

Before The Human Centipede II dethroned it, the heavily maligned A Serbian Film had made sick movie haters forget all about the first Centipede flick this past May. Months before its limited stateside debut, director Srđan Spasojević’s visceral, modern-day exploitation picture was the talk of genre festivals worldwide, earning a violent reputation as a film that’s nearly unbearable in its sadism. The loudest cry: “Beware of the ‘baby rape’ scene!”

In a rare case of fulfilled expectations, those who were brave enough to catch A Serbian Film after its pre-release hype learned firsthand that Spasojević’s ruthless debut is every bit as eye-gouging as its been made out to be. It’s the story of a washed-up porn star, Milos, desperate to provide for his wife and young son, and when an opportunity arises to pull in serious cash, he jumps at it.

The only problem is, his new employer’s only demand is that Milos do everything he says, which includes having sex with a bruised woman after she bites his penis and riding another woman doggy-style before hacking her up with a machete. How does Milos get his revenge? He kills one of the bad guys by thrusting his schlong into the guy’s eye socket.

And do we really need to once again recount the aforementioned “baby rape”? As if pairing those two words together doesn’t tell the whole story.