What do we love about Japan? Its style? Its technology? Its baseball-playing chimpanzees? All of the above, plus at least one more: its AV idols. No, "AV" doesn't stand for "audio-visual", the class you took instead of gym in 9th grade, it stands for "Adult Video" (the class your girl took with us behind the gym in 9th grade) a.k.a. porn, and in the land of the rising sun, porn is both cuter and way, way more depraved than anything coming out of the San Fernando Valley.

Chicks dressed in schoolgirl outfits, older women down to get down (the "ripe" genre, which sounds much cooler than the American "cougar"), girls open to trying any fetish, and girls with bodies that will make you dismiss any stereotype of the Japanese female figure that you might have: AV has it all. And we have it all with our exhaustively researched guide to the 50 Hottest Japanese AV Idols. Sure to spark debate among aficionados; sure to—ahem—open the eyes of the uninitiated, the list is also sure to please and tease. But don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

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