Whatever you think of Sofia Coppola’s potentially problematic portrayal of infamous French Empress Marie Antoinette, there’s no denying Coppola and her frequent collaborator Brian Reitzell can whip up an excellent soundtrack. Like Lost in Translation, Coppola and Reitzell (who served as a music supervisor for both films’ soundtracks) use music to expertly accentuate the emotions or subtext playing between characters on the screen. And for Coppola’s naive French party-girl characterization of Antoinette, the soundtrack does wonders. Overlaying frivolous party scenes with tracks like British group Bow Wow Wow’s version of “I Want Candy” to New Order’s “Ceremony,” Coppola and Reitzell’s perfectly selected songs help bring Antoinette’s frequently depicted character into a refreshing new light. —Helen Owolabi