Director: Kirk Fraser

Anyone who's followed basketball at all from mid '80s to the present day knows who Michael Jordan is. Chances are, if it weren't for the fateful early morning hours of June 19, 1986, everyone would know who Len Bias is, too. Unfortunately, basketball fans never got to find out just how good Len Bias could've been, because just hours after being selected No. 2 overall in the 1986 NBA Draft by the Boston Celtics, Bias died of a cocaine overdose.

The film tracks Bias' rise to stardom at the University of Maryland, his untimely death, and the impact his passing had on sports culture, with commentary from coaches, friends, and his parents. The most chilling moment? The 911 recording of his friend, Brian Tribble, pleading, "This is Len Bias. You have to get him back to life. There's no way he can die."