Director: Buzz Kulik

Want to see a grown man cry? Show him Brian's Song, the widely praised 1970 made-for-TV weep-fest about pro football great Gale Sayers (Billy Dee Williams) and his Chicago Bears teammate/best friend Brian Piccolo (James Caan). On the surface, Brian's Song is a rousing football flick, telling thestory of a three-time Pro Bowl MVP; beneath its pigskin exterior it's an emotional roller coaster for sports-lovers of all types, specifically anyone who's ever forged a bond with a fellow athlete. Shoulder pads and Kleenex sold separately.

Sayers and Piccolo were the first-ever interracial roommates in the NFL's long history, an unlikely living arrangement that established a BFF relationship. Piccolo wasn't exactly a stud, so Sayers helped him along and helped to turn his white teammate into a contender. But then Piccolo developed cancer, and that's when the tears will start a-flowing.