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The 2017 Summer Movie Preview

By Complex Staff

No matter how many superhero blockbusters drop in the late winter/early spring (we’re looking at you, Deadpool), you can’t keep a good summer movie down. With certified bangers like Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man: Homecoming locked and loaded for the next few months, you should already know what you're seeing and when. Thing is, there’s a serious batch of movies set to drop during those months where your main decision is which pair of shorts you should be rocking to tonight’s bonfire (the khaki ones; always go with the khaki ones). Stuck on what you should be checking out? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Instead of just pointing at movie posters and screaming “yeah, dat way!” we’ve cooked up a little quiz. A “choose your own adventure,” if you will. Based on some predetermined criteria that is specific to how you like to spend the abundance of time you have during the summer, we’ll be able to help you choose between seeing It Comes At Night or The Mummy on opening night, two weeks after release or streaming it from the comfort of your own home. Why? Because we’ve got your back. And we understand that summer time is precious (still, always go with the khaki ones).

So, here’s the only movie viewing quiz that you’ll ever need for the summer of 2017. You’re welcome.

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Do you believe superheroes will save us when the world self-implodes?

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Do you want pimple-faced teens in your theater?

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Do you want to see shirtless hot people in a movie?

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Is seeing someone getting headbutted in a movie a must for you?

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Do you consider chick flick a dirty word?

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Do you prefer a true story instead of blissful fiction?

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