Steve-O got into detail about why his MTV series Wildboyz—which may have been the only show on TV to guest star both Method Man and Tony Hawk—never actually filmed in Africa despite giving that impression. 

The stuntman and Jackass team member explained on a new episode of his podcast Steve-O’s Wild Ride why the 2003-06 show co-starring Chris Pontius “took liberties” about a sequence with a lion. 

“With Jackass we were very, very honest, we had integrity, we never tried to deceive the audience. That was Jackass. But with Wildboyz, we took liberties to pretend that we were in Africa when actually we were filming in California,” Steve-O shared when asked about a stunt with a lion being grabbed by the tail. “And it wasn’t because we wanted to lie to the audience. In fact, when we went to go film the pilot for Wildboyz in South Africa, we brought that two-man zebra suit and we wanted to go on a safari and have a lion there. And we quickly found out that a lion in the wild on safari in Africa, you don’t get in a fucking zebra suit and fucking try to play around with that thing.”