Beginning June 16, you can virtually step into the all-new 2022 Honda Civic Sedan at the custom-built Honda Garage at ComplexLand 2021.

The interactive Honda Garage allows users to explore the all-new Civic Sedan through video and photo-based touchpoints, all centered around ComplexLand attendees experiencing the ins and outs of the sporty, fun-to-drive and technologically-advanced 2022 Civic Sedan. Inside the virtual garage, attendees can check out the 2022 Honda Civic’s upscale exterior styling including its next-generation LED lighting, simple and clean interior design, along with Civic’s available Bose® 12-Speaker Premium Sound System.

While interacting with the Civic Sedan over the multi-day virtual experience, ComplexLand attendees will also have the chance to pull up to the Honda Fuel Pump for exclusive branded T-shirts from a custom vending machine.  

Don’t get caught sleeping. Make sure you’re logged in and ready to connect, collect, and explore all the things ComplexLand 2.0. In the meantime, you can check out more on the all-new 11th-generation Civic Sedan, available later this month at Honda dealerships nationwide, by clicking here.​