Sony moved quickly Sunday after an alleged leaked trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home began to make traction online.

The rumored Marvel trailer began to trend on Twitter and found its way on TikTok later Sunday, but Sony shut down any potential of the alleged trailer traveling too fast, with many clips now reading “The media has been disabled in response to a report from the copyright owner.”

While we won’t be sharing the alleged trailer, it appears to be recorded off a phone with an enormous watermark—of what seems to be someone’s name—pasted over it. In it, Tom Holland can be seen in his role as Peter Parker, and it looks to be unfinished and sent via an Instagram DM. 

The potential trailer features familiar faces from the franchise, and poke at theories that the film will involve a multiverse-twist of sorts, keeping fans on their toes until the film’s release date of Dec. 17 and the release of the official trailer. Many fans, of course, are hoping the film features Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, along with their respective universes of Spidey pals, but only time (and an official trailer) will tell if that is true. 

Sony did not immediately respond to The Hollywood Reporter when asked to comment on the alleged leak.