Daniel Kaluuya’s Saturday Night Live debut featured a number of hilarious sketches, including one titled “Viral Apology Video,” where Kaluuya and cast member Kyle Mooney mock YouTubers in a series of apology videos.

In the sketch, Kaluuya and Mooney play a pair of YouTubers who are known for making crazy videos with their crew, the “Prank Posse.” After the duo find mouse bones in their cereal (a reference to the recent Cinnamon Toast Crunch shrimp incident), Mooney’s character takes to YouTube to tell followers about the bizarre discovery. When the video goes viral, Mooney’s previous pranks and mishaps come to light, at which point the fake YouTuber decides to release a series of apology videos. 

From there, the sketch becomes a parody of the Vlog Squad controversy, as Mooney’s character releases an apology video in which he address the backlash he received over a kissing prank, which seems like a reference to allegations made by Seth Francois against controversial internet personality David Dorbik

The similarities weren’t lost on viewers, with one YouTube commentator pointing out that Mooney resembles a combination of Dorbik and Logan Paul. “I can’t get over how perfect the wig is. It’s David Dobrik’s shape but Logan Paul’s color. SNL’s hair and makeup department is mental,” he wrote.

You can check out the sketch above, and stay tuned for more coverage of SNL’s 46th season