We’re less than two months into 2021, and social media users have already found themselves fixated on two separate TikTok challenges. Multiple TikTok challenges have emerged and have grabbed our attention this past year, like the Buss It Challenge, the Don’t Rush Challenge, and the Savage Challenge. The #BussItChallenge reached peak popularity, but it fizzled out after Chloe Bailey nailed it last month—and the Silhouette Challenge quickly took its place. 

The #SilhouetteChallenge started as a body-positive movement and empowered women to celebrate their bodies and sensual sides. People of all shapes and sizes began flaunting their frames and received support, admiration, and praise from others on social media. As quickly as it went viral, though, it lost its appeal as some started sharing tips and tutorials to remove the red filter to expose people’s naked bodies without their consent. There are still safe ways to participate in the challenge, however, so it’s not too late to jump in. Here’s a breakdown of how the Silhouette Challenge began and what you need to know before creating your own.