“Do you remember last summer in Cape Cod?” Thanks to Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, that’s a question no husband wants to hear his wife ask. Alice Harford (Nicole Kidman), very stoned, tells her husband (Tom Cruise) about a Naval officer who she wanted so bad that she would’ve given up her entire life to have him, even for a little bit, and it’s this monologue that haunts Cruise’s character for the rest of the movie. Kidman’s night with the officer only happens intermittently in Cruise’s imagination (depending on who you ask) after that, a blue-lit sex scene that drips with lust and vengeance even while being littered with dopey fantasy tropes—cue the slow motion, and the officer never takes off his uniform for God’s sake. It’s unrelentingly sexy to Dr. Harford despite himself, and the only way he can get it out of his mind is to clap it away with a try-hard vigor that only Cruise could pull off. —Andrew Gruttadaro