Seth Rogen, fresh off the sharing of a widely enjoyed Paul Rudd memory and his televised convincing of Conan O’Brien to hit a joint, would like us all to know that he has not been kidnapped.

Over the past few days, you may have seen a TikTok clip making the usual rounds in which @chriscanbefunny is heard musically detailing a hilarious theory positing that Rogen has been kidnapped by “a shady ceramicist.” As evidence of this theory, the video melodically highlights the high volume of pottery pics Rogen shares to social media.

Rogen, of course, has been a ceramicist himself for a few years now. In a 2019 interview with Caroline McCloskey for GQ, the Yearbook author compared the feeling of working with clay to the therapeutic benefits of a daily practice such as yoga.

“It’s like yoga, if you got a thing at the end,” he said.