Director: Kim Ji-woon
Stars: Im Soo-jung, Moon Geun Young, Yeom Jeong-ah, Kim Kap-soo

Thanks to the influx of "J-horror" remakes in the early 2000s, Japan was universally recognized as Asian cinema's top purveyor of scary movies; yet, interestingly enough, the best of all recent Asian horror flicks hails from South Korea.

A Tale of Two Sisters (unconvincingly remade by Hollywood in 2009 and re-titled as The Uninvited) holds up, nine years after its release, as one of the last decade's strongest psychological creep-outs. Showing hardly anything in the way of gore or jump-scares, master genre filmmaker Ji-woon Kim blends mental instability with potential supernatural activity, showing how a girl's return home from a mental institution, after her mother's death, triggers full-blown insanity.

As an unsettling mood piece, A Tale of Two Sisters is tough to beat. —MB

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