48. Myrtles Plantation

Address: 7747 U.S. Hwy 61
City: St. Francisville, La.
Website: myrtlesplantation.com

Plantations start out as pretty comprehensively fucked up places to begin with (that whole forced human bondage thing), but the Myrtles Plantation takes fucked up to a whole other level. Originally built in 1796 (allegedly on an Indian burial site), the property was significantly renovated in the 1850s by a family with nine children (five of whom died before reaching adulthood). A later owner (whose own child died from typhoid fever) was murdered on the porch, and, to top it all off, there's the Legend of Chloe, the possibly apocryphal story of a slave who was forced to become her owner's mistress, had her ear cut off for spying on him, and baked a poisoned cake for said asshole—only to have it eaten by the master's wife and two children, who died. Whereupon Chloe was either hanged or tossed in the Mississippi River.