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Rose found fame hosting programs on MTV Australia, and quickly became known for her rapport with guests, as well as her distinct tattoos and androgynous style. Before long, her workout habits were also making headlines. The Melbourne native puts in work at least five days a week – and it shows. Health and celebrity blogs alike have profiled her diet and workout regimen, often with photos of her lean physique. This dedicated lifestyle, coupled with years in front of the camera have landed her roles in some of Hollywood’s biggest action franchises.

In just the last two years, Rose has starred in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, John Wick: Chapter 2 and xXx: Return of Xander Cage. To prepare for her role as Ares in xXx, she trained alongside Vin Diesel, and matched the hours he put in at the gym in the months leading up to filming. She also did many of her own stunts, and underwent sniper training in order to give her best performance. Rose believes that this physicality is an “internal process”, and evokes “just as much vulnerability as with standard acting”.

Because she spends so much time at the gym, Rose likes to keep her workouts varied, all the while pushing her body to its limit to achieve maximum results.

“Everyone has what brings out the best in them. That kind of training has always been the most fun for me and brings out the best in me. When I knew I had a boxing competition coming up, I had so much more drive, so much more determination and energy. I would get up earlier. I really would just live and breathe it.”

Where some see a workout as being a means to an end, to Rose it is a cardinal aspect of her day. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, Rose swears by her daily workout for its meditative properties.

“A good workout gets you to a zone in your head. You start thinking, ‘Oh, this hurts’, ‘I'm really unfit’, ‘I'm not as fit as I thought I was’, and, ‘Have I eaten and did I leave the kettle on?’

And then you end up in this kind of blissful, meditative state where you are no longer thinking about that anymore. You're thinking about your muscles and what you're doing in that workout and your coordination. You're so hyper-focused that it's almost like meditation.”

Few people rock sneakers as well as Ruby Rose. Her stint on MTV Style saw her interview global influencers, while cementing her own unique “off-duty model” look. And while the red carpet calls for a certain dress code, the actress still feels more at home in cut-offs and sneakers.

“I have always been a bit of a sneaker freak. I just loved sneakers when I was a kid – I would just stare at people's sneakers and think, ‘One day. One day I'll have them.’”

Rose’s love affair with Nike goes back to her school days, when Tinker Hatfield’s revamped Air Jordans changed the sneaker game forever.

“They were a huge hit at school and only a few kids had Jordans. [Michael] was such a sensation – we all looked up to, idolised and followed the Chicago Bulls. We all had the shoes or wanted the shoes and t-shirts, but none of us had even seen him play basketball.”

Rose’s first pair of Nikes were the Nike Shox. She didn’t have the money to buy cool kicks growing up, but her first pay check went to a pair of Shox.

“I was obsessed with them. And I’ve always dug Air Max and was obsessed with the fact that they had the bubble. I had the old school Air Force 1s in a couple of colours, which I bought from thrift store. I remember paying around $25. Yes, a total bargain”.

Ruby Rose – the kid who stared at other people’s sneakers, who wasn’t one of the kids who could afford Jordans at school, whose first pair of Nikes were bought with her own hard-earned money, and who cherishes the memory of her $25 thrift shop AF1s – is now a part of Nike’s ‘Force is Female’ campaign.

Nike’s Ruby-inspired Air Force 1 and SF AF-1 models come in variations of Port Wine patent leather, as well as Black Patent. They also carry a special message on the sockliners. Each time you lace them up or take them off, you’ll be reminded of the mantra Rose lives by, and hopes to instil in others: “Become Your Own Hero”, and “With Full Force”.

Complex have linked with Nike to celebrate 35 years of the AF1. Take a look at the current range of Air Force 1s available now at