If the red flag emoji has taken over your timeline this week, you’re not alone. People are sharing what they deem as “red flags” to look out for in dating and it has exploded into the latest viral social media trend. Social media users are posting scenarios they’ve experienced or observed that stood out to them as turn-offs in a new person followed by multiple red flag emojis. While the trend went viral earlier this week, it’s not new. TikTok users have been sharing lengthy videos explaining different questionable things that made them raise their eyebrows when dating someone new since earlier this year, but it has since been translated into meme form on Twitter and other platforms.

It started as something a bit more serious in order to help people avoid potentially harmful relationships, friendships, and situations but now it has traveled to other mediums in a lighter, oftentimes funnier way. People are posting the most obvious negative things they look out for, while others are pointing out slightly petty things like how someone likes their steak cooked or whether or not they like pineapple on pizza. Is a person truly evil if they order a well-done steak at dinner? According to Twitter, they might be. Keep reading to find out all about how the red flag emoji took over your timeline and to see some of the funniest memes from the latest viral social media trend.