If you have any movie buff friends, you know that they’re always offering up never-before-heard pieces of trivia about films from the past and present. These tidbits are not only cool to know, but they come in handy at trivia nights or when you’re playing HQ.

Picking up this kind of information is actually useful beyond just impressing your friends or winning a free beer at trivia night.  A 2016 study reported by Harvard Men’s Health Watch, found that “acquiring new information and experiences” can keep your brain healthy by slowing down its aging as well. Luckily, movie facts count as “new information.”

Whether you’re a movie expert or a novice, there’s bound to be something new to learn, like the celebrity ties to the high school Moonlight was filmed at during its second act, the thousands of movie quotes that people get wrong, and the whopping amount of glasses Daniel Radcliffe had to try on to find a pair that was just right for his portrayal of Harry Potter. There are even some actors who were almost in some of our favorite films but didn’t end up in the final versions—sorry to break your heart.

To assist you in your next trivia quest (and maybe help you snag some cash in the next round of HQ), here are 20 random movie facts.