Rachel Bilson opened up about a high school reunion that made an old friend not too happy. 

On an episode of Dax Shepard and Monica Padman’s Armchair Expert podcast, The O.C. star spoke about the time she posted a throwback picture of herself alongside former high school classmate and Oscar winner Rami Malek.

“Rami was a good friend of mine. “We were [in] the same crew,” she said. “We did The Crucible together senior year, we were the leads in it together — all these things. We kind of kept in contact a little bit.”

The pair went to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California, and used to be good friends, according to Bilson. But the photo of Malek in an unflattering ‘90s look, dawning a gold chain, wasn’t entirely well-received. 

“I don’t usually check my DMs on my Instagram and maybe a week goes by and I actually look and I have a message from Rami,” she said. “But it wasn’t like, ‘Hey! How are you?!’ It was straight to, ‘I would really appreciate if you take that down. I’m a really private person.’”

Bilson said she was quick to remove the photo and wrote the Bohemian Rhapsody an apology, which ultimately went unanswered. 

“And I never heard anything back, which is fine,” she said. “But I was super bummed because he was always so nice and we were good friends.”