Sean Evans has interviewed Hollywood’s biggest stars, but he’s never sat across from a fearless animated feline, until now. Thee Puss in Boots, slayer of dragons and other huge monsters, stopped by Hot Ones in support of his latest movie, DreamWorks Animation’s Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

Wearing his awesome cavalier hat, trademark boots and equipped with his handy sword, Puss wasted no time drinking milk because…er, he’s a cat. And as a cat, he’s fortunate enough to have nine lives and wasn’t shy about discussing the several ways he has died.

The spicy fun began when Sean and Puss took their first bite using the Diablo Gato sauce. Puss was initially confident, until the heat crept up on him. As his whiskers began to tingle, his paws came a little too close to his eyes.

“Be careful around the eyes,” Sean advised.

“A dragon once set my eyes on fire,” Puss says. “I think I’ll be fine.”

Puss kept it together during the first round, but once he got a taste of Ogre’s Breath, things took a turn. Check out the video to see how Puss held up against all the heat, and don’t forget to check out Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, in theaters Dec 21, 2022.