On June 11, over the course of a 75-minute presentation, Sony revealed its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. What Sony is promising--near non-existent load times combined with 8k graphics--places it in direct competition with Microsoft and its Xbox Series X.

The console wars have begun, again. But putting aside tribalistic brand loyalty, the victor will ultimately be determined by one thing: the quality of the games themselves. Which console has more games you want to play, and can offer varied, interesting experiences? A powerful, well-made game engine is secondary to the quality of the game that it's running.

We know we're getting a new Resident Evil, a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, and a Demon Souls remake. We know we're getting a new PlayStation controller and a 'digital' console that doesn't accept Blu-Ray discs. But there's also a lot that we don't know. Here are 6 questions that we still have about the PlayStation 5, which will hopefully be answered in the next couple of weeks.