Pete Davidson and Glenn Close had a charming interview for Variety's Actors on Actors series, and two also tackled the subject of mental health.

After Davidson, 27, told 73-year-old Close he thought she was British, the two spoke about Hillbilly Elegy, which stars Close. She mentioned how the movie took a look at addiction and mental health, before revealing that her sister had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 50. "If she had been diagnosed sooner, it would have made such a big difference in her life," Close said, to which Davidson spoke about how his own borderline personality disorder diagnosis helped him understand himself better.

"I thought it was spot-on just from people that I know," he told her of Hillbilly Elegy, before opening up about his own struggles. "I’m glad that your sister got a diagnosis. I got diagnosed with BPD [borderline personality disorder] a few years ago, and I was always just so confused all the time, and just thought something was wrong, and didn’t know how to deal with it. Then, when somebody finally tells you, the weight of the world feels lifted off your shoulders. You feel so much better. I hope she feels that way as well."

Elsewhere in the interview, Davidson also touched upon how his favorite part of working on Saturday Night Live is still his "Weekend Update" appearances. "That’s my favorite thing to do," he said. "The worst is sometimes you’re only in one thing, and you’ll be dressed up like a clock, or I had to dress up as Count Chocula, which is a cereal mascot. You’re stuck in the outfit for four hours in your dressing room, just looking at yourself in the mirror."

For what it's worth, Close appeared to be a little more fond of the costumes her roles have had her wear. "I got in my contract that I got to keep all my costumes that I wore in the movie," she said of her role as Cruella in 101 Dalmatians. "Then when they found out how expensive they were, they were unhappy that it was in my contract. They wanted to make another copy, another set, for me. I said no."

Watch the pair's interview above, or read the full Variety feature here.