This conversation with Omar J. Dorsey, star of Ava DuVernay’s Queen Sugar and many other dope series and films, was one I had been looking forward to since April of this year. For those not keeping score, I got to speak with Dorsey earlier this year, discussing the hard work he put in doing the Aretha series and Season 6 of Queen Sugar back-to-back, during a whole pandemic. I’d remembered that he played Sheriff Barker in the 2018 Halloween revival, and had been extremely hype for that film’s sequel, Halloween Kills (which is currently in theaters and streaming on Peacock).

When Blumhouse announced that the super-successful Halloween would be getting TWO sequels—Halloween Kills and the upcoming Halloween Ends—I already knew what time it was. Halloween sets the stage for the final battle; Kills would surely be the bleeker Empire Strikes Back second sequel, and Ends would be that aforementioned final battle. Without going into too much detail, I feel like I got the Kills that I wanted—and I was able to get the reconnect with Dorsey that I wanted.

Here’s our latest conversation with Dorsey about his history with horror films, how he came up with Sheriff Barker’s cowboy hat ‘fit, the reaction to the film from early screenings, the future of the Halloween franchise, and what he’s working on next. And yes, there’s is a full Spoiler Warning on this conversation. If you’ve not seen Halloween Kills and don’t want to be (mildly?) spoiled, check the film out then come back.