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While Squid Game has received a near-universal positive response, detractors of the new Netflix series in North Korea are using the show’s premise as fuel for anti-South Korean propaganda. 

As reported by Reuters, a North Korean propaganda website called Arirang Meari published a post on Oct. 12 that claims South Korean film critics said Squid Game shows an “unequal society where moneyless people are treated like chess pieces for the rich.”

The site goes on to say the series is a microcosm of real South Korean society, where their “humanity” is being eradicated due to competition.

“It is said that it makes people realize the sad reality of the beastly South Korean society in which human beings are driven into extreme competition and their humanity is being wiped out. … It is the current South Korean society where the number of losers in fierce competition such as employment, real estate and stocks increases dramatically,” the article reads.