Where do you go for your real-world understanding of money and how finances work? You can hit YouTube and do some research, hit up some of your favorite websites, or get edutained. The term may be kinda wack, but it’s a great way to get knowledge: you learn while you have a good time. One of the stand-up comedians who makes sure to inject some financial literacy into his comedy is Nore Davis, who you’ve seen on SuccessionConan, and Group Therapy. While it’d be easy for him to spend his entire set riffing on COVID or sex, it’s awesome to hear Davis bring up paying rent, or his credit score––things every artist worries about when it comes to making ends meet.

“It’s the playing cards of the capitalist country that we live in,” explains Davis when asked about why he speaks often on being financially literate in his sets. “I’m trying to translate it into my stand-up.”

Fresh off an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (where he riffed on likely renting forever), Davis talks money with Complex. For anyone trying to figure out how to make money (and stay making money) as a stand-up comedian, Davis has some tips, including why he got on SoundExchange, how he stays dripped in Jordans, and much more. Get edutained!