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Literally every morning, it’s still like a surreal feeling to me that I wake up and it feels [like] I’m on vacation. I’m super grateful for everything. I think the main thing is, especially for kids of our age to be living a lifestyle like this, is that we don’t get too comfortable. This might not all be here tomorrow, and we just have to realize what we’re doing right now is extremely special. Not everyone gets to do this. It’s an amazing thing, but it’s also something that can get to someone’s head very easily.

What I try to preach to myself is that I just can’t get consumed by this lifestyle. I want to just stay humble, stay head down, do my own thing.

I think a lot of it is who you surround yourself with. We’ve got a good group of Boys here that I live with. Having good people, having mentors and people with experience in this business around you [to] give you background on the do’s and don’ts.

I’ve never been one to be a showy person. I think that just comes naturally for me; it’s just how I was raised.