First, there were celebrities. Then, there were professional tour shots with famous friends and drop dead gorgeous selfies in good lighting taken after the glam squad rolled through. But Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter still felt too manicured, too controlled, too inherently Photoshopabble. Enter: Snapchat, the delightfully fleeting, off-the-cuff, unpredictable stepchild of celebrity social media.

When Snapchat rolled around, the entire celebrity social media game changed. The rawness and immediacy of the concept meant you could see Kanye on his floating stage right next to Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie without having to shell out a wad of cash for the ticket. You could learn that DJ Khaled is still searching for land on his Jetski or waiting on those damn Drake vocals as it happens, without personally knowing either of them—or even being in the same time zone. Even the all-time greatest FLOTUS, Ms. Michelle Obama, got on board the Snapchat bandwagon, providing inspiration and daily motivation in short bursts for anyone searching for some positive vibes in their social media.

Nevermind that some famous people have taken to protecting their privacy by banking their videos to publish later—the unedited, uncensored effect still remains, making Snapchat one of the most appealing and real-feeling ways to keep up with all of your favorite stars. 

And don’t you dare say that you prefer the Stories feature on Instagram, simply because it’s “more convenient” than flipping back and forth between two apps or whatever. The truth is, Snapchat broke the rules and set the tone for all of those bold-faced names keen on oversharing and humble bragging. If you don’t have loyalty for the OG, I don’t know what kind of person you are. 

We’ve rounded up the best celebrities on Snapchat, so you never have to miss a beat.