Every day in 2021, it feels like the movies we can’t wait to see get pushed back a couple of months. It’s not their fault; huge Hollywood blockbusters need huge turnouts at the box office to justify their huge budgets. That’s not to say that television doesn’t catch the perils of producing content in a time of COVID; shows like All Rise had to flip the script and incorporate the pandemic into their storytelling. Lucky for us, while they have to take precautions to ensure safety on set, we still get to see them—you can watch TV damn near anywhere you can get a screen!

Honestly, television might save our continued quarantine life. Stuck on the couch? There’s always something new to watch—damn near too much to consume. Peak TV birthed a number of options to catch quality television, which, spread out across so many streaming platforms and channels on the cable dial, you’ll likely never catch up on everything you have to see. That said, there are some strong contenders for your TV time dropping in 2021, with everything from comic book stories to real-life tales becoming series you’ll be talking about for at least a week after watching.

Grab your calendar and make sure your evenings are free; here are the most anticipated television series dropping in 2021.