With the long-awaited release of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's Bad Boys For Life, it's safe to say: movies you give a f*ck about are hitting theaters again! We're slowly easing out of AWARDS SZN bait films (many of which are dope, honestly), but looking out at the horizon of films set to drop in 2020 gives us goosebumps (and an immediate need for some popcorn).

This year, we're getting hit with a number of awesome feature films, including the first two(!) movies post-Endgame, bringing us directly into Marvel's Phase 4 slate. DC's not far behind, giving us two films from their own cinematic universe; hell, even Sony's making sure that the Spider-Man universe has a pair of movies to help flesh out whatever it is they are cobbling together. Sequels to some of horror's biggest hits of recent memory (A Quiet Place and the Halloween reboot) are dropping, as are the latest installments of some of Hollywood's biggest franchises, including Fast & FuriousSpongeBog SquarePants, and Ghostbusters. Mixed in there is everything from a few new Blumhouse productions, Disney's next live-action epic, and a host of revamps of classic series like Dune and Candyman.

We're not gonna hold you, though; we know you've got to get your calendar updated for all of this heat. Here are the most anticipated movies of 2020, and thank us later (or at least save us a seat).