In an appearance on Desus & Mero, Matt Damon opened up briefly about how Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship is different this time around.

Damon’s close friend Ben Affleck, with whom he co-wrote Ridley Scott’s new movie The Last Duel with, first dated Lopez from 2002 to 2004 after meeting during the filming the 2001 movie Gigli. At the time, their romance was one of the most publicized relationships in all of Hollywood. The two recently reconnected, and they even went Instagram official earlier this month following speculation and photos of them together. 

Speaking on Desus & Mero to promote his new film Stillwater, Matt Damon remarked that it’s “weird” to have a friend’s relationship in the media spotlight. 

“Well, yeah, it’s weird, but… The press was particularly terrible to them 18 years ago, so what’s nice is at least they’re being nice this time around,” Damon said of his friend. “They’re on vacation right now, but he still responded when I hit him up about the Red Sox yesterday.”

Damon recently spoke with Extra about the relationship, and said that he’s “just so happy for him.” Elsewhere in Damon’s chat with Desus and Mero, he spoke briefly about his time starring in the Bourne series of films and used it as an opportunity to tell a Tom Cruise story.

“It’s a magic trick, right. How much do you have to do to make the trick work,” he said of how much of the stunts he did in those films. “If it’s dangerous they’ll never let me. I talked to Tom Cruise about it, about ten years ago about the Mission Impossible where he ran outside the building… I said, ‘Can you explain how that happened?’ And the way he explained it, he goes, ‘Well, I went to the safety guy, I’ve been dreaming of this stunt for years, and I explained what I’m gonna do. And the guy said it was too dangerous.’ He goes, ‘So I got another safety guy.’”

Watch the full interview above.