The first day of New York Comic Con was heavy on clouds, cosplay, and clout chasing. But thankfully, the good folks at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics got the memo early and stayed off of the beaten path to showcase an exclusive look at their upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game. As I entered the Penthouse 45 space, I was still feeling the burn from that cringe-worthy trailer where Not Robert Downey Jr. and Not Chris Hemsworth were kicking much arse atop the Golden Gate Bridge.

This hands-on demo would find myself and others playing the same introduction section that was at Gamescom. It was my first time, so before pressing the cross (X) button on what is another potential blockbuster superhero game adaptation, I paused to really see how the other players were taking to the game. As Thor, some players preferred to fly around and deliver forceful bolts of lightning as soldiers attempt to attack San Francisco. Others wanted to get their melee on, throwing Mjolnir to stick a soldier against a bus, and wallop on a group of baddies.