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This October, Nintendo is releasing both a new-and-improved Switch and a new entry in the Metroid franchise. The latter is particularly noteworthy; Metroid fans are starved for new Samus content, and Metroid Dread, arriving just in time for Halloween, looks to be exactly what we needed.

Let’s hope it sells well.

As well-known as the Metroid franchise is, a Metroid game is not the uncontested slam dunk that a Mario or Zelda game is. A Metroid game is an atmospheric, micro-oriented experience, rooted in sci-fi horror. That’s a tough sell to the average Nintendo fan, who might not know who Samus Aran is outside of Super Smash Bros.

Accordingly, Nintendo’s PR department has been working overtime to increase Metroid’s familiarity and visibility to the general public—to lure in new players who may be discovering the franchise for the first time. And if it sells well, maybe we won’t have to wait another 19 years for the next original 2D title in the series.

Here is your monthly video game roundup for October 2021.