HBO said it is “very disappointed” after a Lovecraft Country extra claimed on TikTok that the show’s production darkened her skin with makeup for a scene. 

The network’s response follows several clips posts by actor Kelli Amirah, claiming her skin was darkened so she could play a younger version of a character in a wedding photo. 

“We were very disappointed to learn of Ms. Amirah’s experience,” a spokesperson for HBO told the Hollywood Reporter. “This should not have happened, and we are taking steps to ensure this doesn’t occur again in the future.”

Across three TikToks totaling over 17.6 million views with more than 2.5 million likes, Amirah ran through the situation, saying she was in a trailer when one of the two makeup artists working on her said she was “a little lighter” than the actress they wanted her to portray a younger version of. 

“I’m half watching them do my makeup, halfway on my phone,” Amirah shared with her nearly 125,000 followers on Feb. 19. “And I notice my foundation is getting darker and darker.”

Amirah said it was her first experience in her own trailer, adding that she was “so uncomfortable” as she showed pictures of what she looked like after the makeup.

“I had no idea they were gonna do this to me,” she said. “And if I knew beforehand, I would not have accepted the job… Who thought that this was a good idea?”