41 Interior Designs on Instagram to Add to Your Mood Board

Instagram, full of aspirational photos and videos, is just the place to find inspiration. Besides the fashion content or posts from your friends and favorite celebs, the interior designs on Instagram are top tier. Perusing through publications like Architectural Digest, or one of those accounts that post mysterious beautiful homes on a weekly basis, we rounded up 41 Interior Designs on Instagram to add to your mood board. Scroll below for some home goals.

1. The Morton House for Nature Lovers

Gorgeously surrounded by trees in Woodford, New South Wales, Australia, the “Morton House” looks like a relaxing getaway for the nature enthusiast. It was designed and built-in 1979 by Deirdre and Ivor Morton. The couple was inspired by the work of an American architect, Walter Burley Griffin, who also designed Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

2. True Blue Walls

The living quarters of Trini Salamanca and Pablo Párraga is a beautiful blue-walled space in Seville, Spain. The creative duo designed their home and consider it an extension of their studio, Las Ánimas, where one can buy their unique artful pieces.

3. Em Rata's L.A. Home

Designer, model, actor, and writer Emily Ratajkowski has a beautiful home as well. Light pours through a large space. Pops of color, art on the walls, and a coveted mint-colored couch really make it stand out.

4. El Tecuán Hotel

We’d go to El Tecuán Hotel, a zen-like space, designed by César Béjar Studio. It’s minimalism at its finest.

5. Casa Atibaia

The gorgeous Casa Atibaia in São Paulo, Brazil is another home with trees as its major backdrop. It was designed by Ni.acki creative studio and interior designer Charlotte Taylor. Natural elements and neutral tones look extra inviting when you see the outdoors everywhere you turn.

6. Vines as Decor

Vines in the house? Sure. Carlo Scarpa designed this private home in Zurich, Switzerland, which was outside of his usual work done in Italy. He created this home for a more sentimental reason–it was commissioned by the widow, who was remarried by then, of one of his former protégés.

7. A Bright Hall in Berlin

Located in Berlin, Germany, the natural finish wood floors enhance this interior’s appeal.

8. The Royal Treatment

Put together the words ‘quaint’ and ‘palace’ in the same sentence, and you’ll be describing the Devigarh Palace in Udaipur, India.

9. The Star-Owned Brooklyn Bathroom

Actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard prove to have a cool eye for design with this bathroom in their Brooklyn apartment. They worked with Elizabeth Roberts Architects and designer John Erik Karkula to personalize their home.