Happy Horror! Last year, I wanted to give you 31 Days of horror movies. I had my inspiration (shouts to Amanda), made my list, I checked it thrice, then I got too busy to keep up with the second half of the month. I may even have some help this year; you’re welcome.

It’s been an interesting year for horror itself. For Halloween 2021, Hollywood is gifting us Halloween Kills, the second film in the current Halloween franchise’s trilogy. Candyman returned, as did the Purge, and along the way there are a number of random horror films to consume. One aim is to give you thoughts on all of these films to (hopefully) give you a greater idea of what horror in 2021 has been like. We also want to dive into some of the iller horror films of the past, with a few surprises.

It’ll go like this: We plan to drop a new movie in this feature daily. If you want to watch along, we will include links to stream these films online. [Ed note: Sometimes, said links will be for films you need to rent or buy. Our apologies.] And while it should be known, we’re gonna go ahead and give you this special Spoiler Alert Warning for the entirety of the rest of this feature. If you haven’t seen something in this list, prepare to be spoiled. With that out of the way, happy hauntings! Here’s our 2021 horror movie marathon.