It doesn’t matter how big or how strong you are, everyone succumbs to The Last Dab. WWE Superstars Goldberg and Big E put their strength for spice to the test during the latest episode of Truth or Dab.

Host Sean Evan laid out the rules: answer each question honestly or endure a mouthful of heat.

In round two, Evans asked Big E how he would rank himself against his former “New Day” cohorts Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. The question left the former WWE Champion with no choice but to take a bite out of a volcanic death wing.

When Evans turned his sights to Goldberg, he asked which pro wrestler got under his skin the most. Goldberg, the only man to earn the distinction of being a WCW Champion, a WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and WWE Universal champion, fessed up and said Scott Hall was at the top of the list.

Things got interesting in round three when under Evans’ instruction both wrestlers ate a wing, got face-to-face, and talked about how things would really go down if they were to ever duke it out in the ring. …

Check out the video above to see how everything played out.