We all love a classic battle between storied rivals. Batman vs. Superman, Iron Man vs. Captain America, Godzilla vs. King Kong. We knew this was coming, and with a trailer for Godzilla vs. King Kong (which is now set to be released on March 31, 2021 domestically) finally touching down, we get our first look at what Legendary Studios' MonsterVerse has been leading up to since the first Godzilla dropped back in 2014.

The main topic of discussion is the obvious one: Who's going to win this epic battle, Godzilla or King Kong? Some might be quick to choose 'Zilla because of all the screentime he's gotten over his last two movies and the feats we've seen from him already. The big lizard has nuclear fire breath, can go full supernova with the right prep, and was able to beat the three-headed monster King Ghidorah in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, asserting his dominance over all the other Kaiju. Don't sleep on Kong, though. The colossal primate has superior speed and agility, more battle experience from living on an island full of other monsters, and we don't know what news tricks he might have learned since we last saw him in Kong: Skull Island, which took place in 1973 when he wasn't even fully matured.

Regardless of what side you fall under now, we've decided to break down which monster leads in some key categories that will play a major role in their fight to help inform your decision going into the brawl. The stats we pulled are based on the current canon iterations of both Kong and Godzilla from the Legendary MonsterVerse.