On this Valentine's Day, it's only fitting that we give you the gift of burgers. Get ready for another season of Burger Scholar Sessions, a.k.a., George Motz's love letter to the American hamburger! Strange toppings for your smashburgers, like Bearnaise sauce and gyro meat? Check! Steamed hamburger history? Oh yeah! Secrets for grilling the perfect backyard burger? Yup! We've even got international burger icons like the Aussie Burger With the Lot and Canada's 'Fat Boy.' Oh, and did we mention special guests too? That's right! Matty Matheson is joining George for a deep dive into Canadian burgers. And to top it all off, we've even got a special Fan Appreciation episode. Just you wait! Burger Scholar Sessions Season 5 premieres Monday 2/21. Tune in at 11am ET.