It doesn’t take much to freak out the adults. The latest way teens have been doing so is by wearing suits and ties to movie theaters. The trend began thanks to the new Minions movie, The Rise of Gru, which propelled to the top of the box office during its opening weekend. It has made more than $125 million so far—a new record for the Fourth of July weekend—and it is poised to go head-to-head against Thor: Love and Thunder beginning this Friday (July 8). 

It all started with a meme and it escalated into a viral trend, that even Universal is supporting. But seeing groups of teenagers donning traditional formal wear to see an animated flick is so subversive, that some theaters started denying entry to the well-dressed moviegoers, also because of some of the groups’ behavior. 

Here’s a quick explainer on the #GentleMinions TikTok trend, what it is, how it started, and how Yeat got caught in the middle of it.