We know, we know: Euphoria just ended its second season, why the hell are we still talking about it? Frankly, it's because that Season 2 finale...left a lot of questions unanswered. If you sit on the timeline for long enough, you will see Euphoria super stans dropping numerous questions about their beloved series and what hasn't been touched on yet. The jury’s still out on why so much dope was left on the table after Season 2 ended, but we know that we have questions, and these questions need answers.

HBO gave Sam Levinson's hit series a Season 3 renewal earlier this month, which means we should get the answers to some of our questions, but which ones? Just looking at the Rue-Jules-Elliot situation, there are a few open-ended strands left dangling. That’s not even bringing up Nate, Cassie and Maddy’s drama, which took over the rest of Season 2. Without critiquing how Levinson finished Season 2, we would rather draw up a list of situations that we’d like to see resolved whenever Euphoria decides to visit our lives once again. So let's get into it: here are the Euphoria Season 3 questions that need answers. And keep in mind, if you haven't finished Season 2, you will be spoiled on the season finale and numerous other plotpoints. You’ve been warned!