Warning: This article contains triggering descriptions of self-harm.

UPDATED 8/13/21, 12:05 p.m. ET: According to Page Six, Kim Scott, 46, was found in the bathroom​​​​​​​ of her home in Michigan​​​​​​​. A police report said that Scott was discovered to have an “unidentified object”​​​​​​​ in her possession and a “large amount of smeared blood”​​​​​​​ around her that was seemingly caused by “deep lacerations on legs.”

Scott is reported to have struggled with responding officers.

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Kim Scott, who was previously married to Eminem and was controversially made a subject of his earlier musical output, is reportedly recovering following a self-harm incident.

According to a report from TMZ, citing police sources, Scott was hospitalized after what they describe as “a suicide attempt.” Emergency services are said to have responded to a call of “a suicidal person” at Scott’s Michigan residence on July 30, with Scott allegedly behaving in a “combative” manner upon their arrival.

Scott, who reportedly had lacerations on her leg, was reportedly restrained by authorities and taken to a nearby hospital for medical and psychological exams. At the scene, per the report, authorities were unable to check her vitals. She’s since been released and is undergoing recovery at her home.