During a conversation with Amy Schumer at the Tribeca Film Festival, Emily Ratajkowski criticized Judd Apatow’s 2012 hit comedy This Is 40 for its treatment of Megan Fox’s character, Desi, who works in a boutique but is an escort on the side.

“So that movie is hilarious and very spot-on,” Ratajkowski said, per BuzzFeed News. “I recommend everybody who has a husband or wife and kids to watch it [but] Megan Fox is treated in it so badly.”

“Oooh, that movie is not aging well?” Schumer asked.

“That movie is not aging well,” Ratajkowski replied.

In the movie, Fox’s character is accused of stealing money from the store she works at in order to buy nice things before it’s revealed she also works as an escort. There are several scenes in the movie where Desi is treated poorly, including one in which Leslie Mann’s character feels and discusses her breasts for an extended period of time.

The comedy was brought up again a few moments later when Ratajkowski asked Schumer who made the movie. 

“It’s Judd Apatow. I don’t care, I’m ready to burn that bridge to the ground tonight,” said Schumer, in reference to her long-documented professional relationship with Apatow. 

Apatow, who directed Schumer in the 2015 comedy Trainwreck, explained in an interview with Variety how he came across the female comedian. 

“I was not that familiar with Amy Schumer’s standup,” he told the publication. “She was talking to Howard Stern, and she was so engaging. She was talking about her dad having MS and what her relationship is like with him. It was very dark and sad, but also very sweet and hilarious and she clearly adores him. I thought, ‘This is a very unique personality and I’d like to see these stories in movies.’”