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Dwayne Johnson is a lot of things; An actor, a football player, a professional wrestling legend. One thing he isn’t, though, is a girl. But that’s not what those around him thought when he was growing up.

In a new discussion with Sunday Today with Willie Geist, The Rock elaborated on what it was like to have “soft features” growing up as a young one, especially as a young kid who moved around often. 

“I sit down next to a kid, and within 60 seconds, he goes, ‘Can I ask you something?’” Johnson recalled of his first day in the fifth grade. “I said, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, ‘Are you a boy or a girl?’”

Apparently, those comments were all to common for the young pebble. 

“I would say between the ages of 7 and 11, people thought that I was a little girl because I had really soft features and I had really soft Afro hair,” Johnson said. 

Luckily, The Rock can now find humor in those once unfortunate mix-ups. His new show, “Young Rock,” which first aired in February, follows his early life as he moves around with a father as a professional wrestler. 

“I have had a Forrest Gump-ian childhood growing up,” Johnson said. “Wrestling in the ‘80s and in the ‘70s was way different than it is today. A lot of the times, including my father, the wrestlers would live paycheck to paycheck.”