Legendary rapper/actor DMX suffered a heart attack on April 2 that left him in a coma for days until he passed away on April 9. He was 50 years old. During the week that he was hospitalized, fans filled their social media timelines with their favorite memories and stories about the rapper. The chart-topping hip-hop giant was beloved around the globe. There’s a clip that fans are sharing on social media of X performing his 1998 hit “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” at Woodstock 1999 in front of a massive crowd of more than 200,000 people. The rapper and the crowd’s high energy in the clip is so captivating that it’s still getting millions of views on Twitter—but his career milestones aren’t the only things fans admire about DMX

DMX had plenty of hits, three Grammy nominations, and millions of albums sold under his belt, but what stands out among the outpouring of posts about his passing are the heartfelt stories, funny moments, and interactions he had with people—not as DMX but as Earl Simmons. It turns out that some of the most entertaining moments he gifted to the world didn’t take place on a stage in front of thousands of people. He really was at his best in the smaller and private moments where he could be himself authentically with no pretense, enjoying time with his loved ones, dancing, praying, and trying to impart wisdom to the rest of us. He is one of rap’s biggest stars but these behind-the-scenes glimpses humanized him and showed us who he really was. Fans have been sharing the videos of their favorite DMX moments that have gone so viral in the past that they’re now staples on the timeline. Here are some of the best.