It’s unclear who was more twisted in this disturbing love triangle, which unfolded on the digital romance stage of the early 2000s—a chatroom. In 2007, Thomas Montgomery fell hard for a woman he met online known as “Talhotblonde,” who claimed to be 18 years old. Montgomery, then 47, told his new digital obsession that he was a teenage Iraq War vet. But when his wife found out, she revealed Montgomery for who he really was, writing to Talhotblonde that he was a middle-aged man.

The chatroom vixen cut off her ties to Montgomery and instead aimed her affections at his co-worker. Montgomery didn’t take the breakup lightly and murdered his former flame’s new interest in cold blood with a .30 caliber rifle.

If that wasn’t a dark enough ending to a seriously strange story, it was later revealed that Talhotblonde was actually a middle-aged woman posing as her teenage daughter online. The lesson? Stay away from any romance that blossoms in a chatroom.