When Rodrigo Gomez broke the news that he was leaving Chile to take a job as a cruise ship waiter in Madrid earlier this year, his lovesick girlfriend, Grace Guajardo, wasn't having it. Instead of telling him she didn't want him to leave, Guajardo waited until her boyfriend was boarding his flight and pulled the kind of last-minute love-epiphany tactic you only see in cheesy romantic comedies: She called in a bomb threat mere moments before takeoff.

All of the 312 people aboard were forced to evacuate and bomb-sniffing dogs led by a horde of police officers were called to the scene. But when no bomb was found, the police tracked down Guajardo and arrested her. She might face jailtime, but she's not worried about that; Guajardo is just happy to have her man back. His take? "I can't be angry, I have to support her. What she needs is love, nothing more."  Our take? Love and a whole lot of therapy. 

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