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Director: John Lafia
Release Date: November 9, 1990

Child’s Play 2 is the Aliens of the franchise in terms of how it takes the concept of the original and turns it up to 1000. Though it brings back Andy, it doesn’t waste time getting to the good shit—which is, of course, Chucky doing his thing. While the first movie was light on the fatalities, Child’s Play 2 sees Chucky at the height of his wisecracking, murderous powers. What I love the most about the movie is how it really goes all-in on its kills with childhood devices; Chucky uses ball inflation tools, yo-yos, and even a ruler to dispatch people, which is a far cry from how pedestrian the kills were in the original.

Visually, the movie is also more vibrant, lending itself to an extremely strong third act in a factory filled with Good Guy dolls, and leading to the most violent and badass death for Chucky. It’s hard to find many things wrong with Child’s Play 2 when comparing it to other movies in the franchise—it fully realizes the whole “killer doll” idea, without the forced comedy, less of an emphasis on the voodoo stuff (even though it is still there), and a set of protagonists that you can root for.