In times of political turmoil and constant stress, few things can heal us like the power of comedy. Whether it comes from a humble fart joke or biting social commentary on the current state of our union, a good chuckle can do us a lot of good. Laughter is the best medicine and all that jazz.

Although the amount of old, white men trying to ruin everything in Washington DC and beyond seems never-ending, it’s important to remember that we outnumber them. For that friendly reminder, we can turn to comedy, where diversification is actually happening, and new comedians of all races, sexual orientations, and gender identities are speaking out, about their own unique experiences and those universal ones that we can all relate to.

Something else that has changed about comedy in the last few years is where we find it. Comedy used to be restricted to the elite few who had secured their own television programs or movie deals, and the up-and-comers at open mic nights that had you frantically ordering too much beer just to get through the awkwardness of it all. But now, thanks to the internet, comedy is much more accessible. Not only is our ability to seek out comedy much easier, but so is a comedian’s ability to get discovered or find their big break. Just look at Issa Rae: She went from her Awkward Black Girl web series to her own smash hit HBO series, Insecure. Other comedians are finding their niches on Twitter and YouTube, and leaving us feeling like anything is possible.

In a world where we’re constantly on edge, waiting for the president’s next tweet or offensive comment about a marginalized community, the least we can do is treat ourselves to a laugh every now and then. Here are the best up and coming comedians right now, who will help you laugh through the pain of it all.